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Minnesota SharePoint User Group

Registration is open for the Spring 2013 SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities

SharePoint Saturday Twin Cites will have its Spring event on May 18th, 2013. We will again be at the Normandale Community College campus, but this time will be using the brand spanking new wing and rooms (still using the same entrance area on the West side).


The last few events have filled up – so get signed up early. Also please be courteous to other hopeful attendees and cancel your registration if you are unable to join us.

We’ve got one of the largest SharePoint Saturday events in the country and with feedback from attendees, speakers and sponsors, one of the most successful as well. So join us for another day of SharePoint with tracks for SharePoint 101, Information Workers, Developers, IT Pros and a new vendor showcase room – all for free.

We have a new web site on the way as well. Keep an eye on for information on sponsors, speakers, sessions and schedules coming soon. Also ‘Like’ our Facebook page for more immediate updates.

We look forward to seeing you there!

SharePoint 2013 App Store

In my session at today’s Minnesota SharePoint User Group (MNSPUG) we had a question about the SharePoint App Store and if there was a feed available so that folks could keep up on what’s out there and when new apps are added.

The short answer appears to be No. At least for now.

For starters the SharePoint App Store can be accessed here to browse apps online: 

The closest we’ve got to a ‘feed’ is the New Apps for SharePoint section on this page. At the bottom of the page we’ve got categories to work with, but we’re likely better off going to search and using the search refiners, which should produce the same results. 

For search you can start here:

Each of the apps has a Released date. Maybe Microsoft can add a sort based on that field to help us find new items.

We’ll see. There aren’t that many apps listed yet, but hopefully they’ll be added on a regular basis going forward as the 2013 platform adoption increases.

SharePoint Saturday – Twin Cities – Fall 2012

Yep, it’s that time of year again.  We’re ramping up for the Fall 2012 SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities event.  We’ll be meeting on November 3rd this year, still at the Normandale campus down in Bloomington.  

We’re not planning on covering a lot for 2013 in our sessions just yet – too many folks are still interested in and using 2010 and the final 2013 version hasn’t been released yet. So, we’ll be focused on 2010 for one more round at least and then see where things are in the Spring.  You’ll likely hear a LOT of news about 2013 the following week with the big Microsoft SharePoint Conference in Vegas happening and most of it centered on the 2013 platform. 

Speakers and sessions have all been posted – take a look when you have a chance.  We’ve got great folks coming from all over and bringing a ton of great sessions, content and experience. 

We are also continuing with our 101 Track – so if you have folks that are new to SharePoint, the event has content for them as well.  We’ve got 4 sessions specifically in the track – starting with my ‘What is this thing called SharePoint’ session – but there are other sessions throughout the day not in the 101 Track that folks new to the platform can certainly benefit from as well. 

Keep an eye out for registration to open next Monday – Sept 10. We will be limiting registration to 600 people again this time as it seems to be getting us to about the level we can manage at the current location.  The Spring event had over 460 attendees…  Smile  We’re one of the largest SPS events in the country. 

There are lots of great sponsors again as well, we hope to fill up our space with 30 vendors – they’ll be added to the site as soon as they are validated. 

Finally, when putting the event in your calendar, don’t forget to set aside Friday night as we’ll be having our SharePint (the night BEFORE the SPS event).  More info to come on that…

If you have any questions about the event, let me know!!  I look forward to seeing you there. 

Back with a Vengeance – MNSPUG Tomorrow

June?  Really?  It’s been that long since I’ve actually completed a post and uploaded it?  Sad.  Well, it’s been a crazy busy summer and now that that is wrapping up (the kids walked to the bus stop for the first day of school just 2 hours ago…) I can hopefully get back to it.  So much to do and so much coming.  I’ve got a few posts to hopefully get out in the next day or two – stuff that’s been sitting around 90% done. 

In the meantime, I’ll be participating on the Panel Discussion tomorrow for the Minnesota SharePoint User Group if you’re interested and in the area.  Come and join us!  I’ll have a few copies of the SharePoint 2010 Creating and Implementing Real-World Projects book as well. 

Check back soon – lots of fun news to get out here…   Smile

Minnesota SharePoint User Group (MNSPUG) Location Change

With Microsoft’s Bloomington Minnesota office moving to Edina, the Minnesota SharePoint User Group meetings will be moving as well.  The next meeting on November 9th and all meetings after that (I believe) will be held at the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) location in Edina. 

Hopefully they’ll get information about the new location, parking, etc. on the MNSPUG site soon. 

SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities – 4/9 Recap

The latest SharePoint Saturday event in the Twin Cities was a huge success!  Some of the numbers:

The new location worked out very well – holding everyone without too much crowding (other than a few really popular sessions), with free parking and wireless access available.  A nice upgrade from our previous digs.  We also had a Kinect play area during the day.  Smile 

Presentations are now available on the site for download. 

Keep an eye on the official site for updates and news about the fall “ScarePoint Saturday” event – tentatively scheduled for October 29th.

A big thanks to Sarah Haase for overseeing the organization of the event, as well as to all the sponsors, volunteers, and attendees. 

See you in the fall!

New SharePoint Blogger!

Lookout SharePoint world – Sarah Haase (locally of Best Buy fame) has entered the blogosphere.  Sarah has been a presenter at the Minnesota SharePoint User Group, SharePoint Saturday – Twin Cities and the Best Practices Conferences and always has great information, especially when it comes to measuring the ROI of SharePoint solutions. 

Well, she finally started up a blog here:

Go check it out!

Minnesota SharePoint User Group – February 2011

Raymond Mitchell and Brian Caauwe delivered a presentation on SharePoint Search at today’s MNSPUG.  If you’d like to learn more, check out the PPT deck HERE.  Check back soon to download the recording of the session.  We had about 90 attendees between folks in the room and joining us online. 

March’s session will be on SharePoint workflows and Business Process.  Check back to the MNSPUG site for more information as session details are rolled out. 

See you next month! 

SharePoint 2010 – RTM

Microsoft announced today that SharePoint 2010 has reached RTM status.  Read about it on the SharePoint Team Blog – HERE

Sounds like the earliest availability for downloading bits will be on April 27th for Volume License and Software Assurance Customers. 

The official (virtual) launch will be on May 12th – which also happens to be our next MNSPUG meeting.  We’ll be streaming the launch live and working on adding some more fun as well – check the MNSPUG site for more information as we have it.