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In my session at today’s Minnesota SharePoint User Group (MNSPUG) we had a question about the SharePoint App Store and if there was a feed available so that folks could keep up on what’s out there and when new apps are added.

The short answer appears to be No. At least for now.

For starters the SharePoint App Store can be accessed here to browse apps online: 

The closest we’ve got to a ‘feed’ is the New Apps for SharePoint section on this page. At the bottom of the page we’ve got categories to work with, but we’re likely better off going to search and using the search refiners, which should produce the same results. 

For search you can start here:

Each of the apps has a Released date. Maybe Microsoft can add a sort based on that field to help us find new items.

We’ll see. There aren’t that many apps listed yet, but hopefully they’ll be added on a regular basis going forward as the 2013 platform adoption increases.

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