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Welcome to my blog. I currently focus on SharePoint, lists, Power Apps, and Microsoft Teams topics – usually. Nowadays, “SharePoint” means Office 365 (O365) -> er, make that Microsoft 365 (M365) -> and all the associated technology that comes with it to do great things for users and organizations. I like to focus on the Power User or Citizen Developer space.  

Posts might be inspired by things I run into day-to-day, or presentations I do at User Groups, SharePoint Saturday events, Conferences, etc.  Sometimes it will be deeper dives into topics my colleagues and I come up with or topics brought up by the community at large.  Some content may be things I take for granted every day that someone else might not know and be able to benefit from.  Joel Oleson said it best in a blog post he wrote a while back about blogging, sharing the knowledge and experience we each glean every day and making it available for the greater good.  Hopefully my ramblings will be useful to others some day in some way.

Sometimes I’ll blog about LEGO, Raspberry Pi, or other stuff – because they’re fun.   🙂

You’ll probably start to see things here related to my crawl through the entrepreneurial space as well. Lots to learn. Maybe something to pass on from time to time. Hopefully more to come. 

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  1. Dear Wes

    Dear Christian

    I have been diligently following the instructions to build the training registration system (Chapter 2) in the above book of which you are a co-author and I need help.

    Part of the solution requires me to create a Registration Status form then Add a couple of fields CourseID and User. This I did. Then after publishing the form, they are instructions on Page 88 to add a couple of Data Connections. The first one is fine (Registration) using the CourseID field, but the second cannot be completed because the User field created earlier does not appear in the list of selectable fields in the Training Course list. Can you advise me where I am going wrong please? I noticed on a couple of forums that other people have reached the same impasse but no-one is able to resolve it.

    The User field is critical to other aspects of the system as there are some rules and conditional formatting settings that are dependent on it.

    I would be very grateful for any help with this.

    I have contacted all the other co-authors of this book in the hope one of you can help me!

    Many thanks


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