SharePoint Lists – Follow up

A few things that were brought up in my session on lists the other day at the Best Practices Conference:

Inline Editing – SharePoint 2010 introduces the concept of inline editing within views.  This allows users to add/update fields within the view without having to open the add or edit forms.  This feature is not turned on by default.  Jennifer Mason of SharePoint 911 has a nice post about this feature. 

Alerts by View – We mentioned alerts and we mentioned views, but I didn’t have anything about the ability to create alerts on views.  Great comment from the session attendees on that one.  After looking at this again, I realized that this is NOT as intuitive as it should be.  You can create alerts on views, but not all views and there are some criteria for it.  Check out the following post for more information:

Metadata Navigation – Another attendee asked about metadata navigation.  I don’t remember all the context to the question, but metadata navigation is available, but only at the list view level.  It’s not something that can be used on the main page or other web part pages.  It does, however, work with which ever view is currently being displayed – which is what I think the question was about. 

Fun session.  We had 45+ people in (and outside) a room set up for 30.  Thanks to the folks that were packed in and spilling into the hallway.  Smile

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