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SharePoint Modern Challenges – Weather Web Part


Working on a “relatively simple” intranet, using as much out of the box capabilities as possible… and running into what seem to be silly issues.

Want to display the weather. Cool (Haha, see what I did there?), seems legit. Should be easy. There’s a Weather web part.

Edit the page. Add the web part. It asks for the location. Nice and simple lookup that finds my desired location easily. The company has multiple locations, so we add multiple locations to the web part. Still looks good.

I can set the Celsius vs. Fahrenheit setting for the web part, but users can also override. Looks good.

I can override the displayed city name for each location.

That’s it for configuration/customization.


  • When does this web part update? How often? Can an update be forced?
    All unknowns. It would be nice to have this information as it does NOT seem to update on a timely basis and well… it’s weather – that changes regularly, if not quickly.
  • I have multiple locations in my web part. When I click the “MSN Weather” link for more information – like the next few days forecast – ALL locations configured within the web part seem to land on the same location’s info.
    • Not sure where it’s getting this default location. Might be the tenant’s default, the MSN site may be using web location settings, might be something else.
      I haven’t narrowed that down yet.
    • The link for each location appears to be individually configured as I can see the location of the web part in the link string.
      Does the MSN Weather site no longer recognize the URL string and/or parameters being passed in?
      Is something else overriding the desired location? Either way – it doesn’t work as users would expect.


None yet. I’ll update this if/when I find answers or work-arounds.


Show the weather on your page – Office Support (microsoft.com)