Best Practices SharePoint Conference – September 15-17

The first Best Practices SharePoint Conference opened last week in Washington D.C. with a keynote by Microsoft’s Tom Rizzo.  All indications so far are that the sessions and presentations went well and were very well received.

I got into town late on Saturday and spent Sunday finishing up some of my presentation materials.  For a little break I stopped down to see how the Mindsharp folks were doing with the logistics and getting things set up.  I got a little workout in by assisting Ben and Bill with the book signing (I was just moving books around – they were signing them all).  It was pretty entertaining to watch and listen to the banter while they signed a few hundred books.  🙂 

    Really guys?  🙂 

I presented a session Tuesday afternoon and another on Wednesday afternoon and will follow up with posts about them then.  I need to look back at the legal stuff to see if I can post copies or links to my presentations here or not…  Check back!  Meanwhile I’ll just be happy that I’m able to present a few sessions.  Yea!!  (I’m very excited)

   My first speaker’s badge!

And as part of some sort of odd ritual surrounding conferences, people seem to be interested in the bag…  so here’s a picture of the conference attendee bag:

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