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Random Links 4/11

At the end of every week or so I end up having a whole bunch of browsers sites open because I see something that looks interesting in a tweet, blog or linked from somewhere else and just leave the window open until I get back to it.  Lazy, I know, but I’m usually in the middle of something else at the time, so I just validate that it looks interesting and then come back to it later.  Inevitably, I don’t get back to the site until I need to shut down or reboot, where I then lose the link… So a while back I started sending myself a list of links every so often so I can read them later – dang this hording gene of mine.  Anyhoo, some of this stuff might be useful to others, so instead of emailing them to myself I’ll see if it’s at all useful to post them for myself and others to check out.  Here’s the latest batch:

It would be nice if I could capture where I’m getting these links from, especially when they are from others.  I’ll work on that… maybe it’s just what others do with their ‘[person’s name] Daily’ pages that I’m seeing all over the place now. 

Happy Monday!

SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities – 4/9 Recap

The latest SharePoint Saturday event in the Twin Cities was a huge success!  Some of the numbers:

The new location worked out very well – holding everyone without too much crowding (other than a few really popular sessions), with free parking and wireless access available.  A nice upgrade from our previous digs.  We also had a Kinect play area during the day.  Smile 

Presentations are now available on the site for download. 

Keep an eye on the official site for updates and news about the fall “ScarePoint Saturday” event – tentatively scheduled for October 29th.

A big thanks to Sarah Haase for overseeing the organization of the event, as well as to all the sponsors, volunteers, and attendees. 

See you in the fall!

New SharePoint Blogger!

Lookout SharePoint world – Sarah Haase (locally of Best Buy fame) has entered the blogosphere.  Sarah has been a presenter at the Minnesota SharePoint User Group, SharePoint Saturday – Twin Cities and the Best Practices Conferences and always has great information, especially when it comes to measuring the ROI of SharePoint solutions. 

Well, she finally started up a blog here:

Go check it out!

idubbs Blog Site Update

Started out with some routine maintenance and wanting to do a little enhancement: Update the blog engine to the latest version while adding twitter link capability to posts.  Ended up doing a bit more for fun.  Smile 

  • Backed up the WordPress site files and content (db).  You don’t really care about this, but I needed to do it before upgrading anything…  There are some more elegant methods and tools available, but I just did it manually this time around.  
  • Upgraded the MySQL and PHP engines.  You don’t care – no biggie. What is cool about upgrading this and the mySQL engine is that they were both done really easily due to the way WestHost has their site management set up – kudos to them. 
  • Upgraded the WordPress software.  Again, you don’t care, it doesn’t change the way anything looks.  Again, what is cool is the way that WordPress has their updates now – all automatic via the administration interface.  Slick.
  • Added the Tweet This plugin to allow users to tweet posts and post facebook statuses.  (cool)  This you might care about – if you’re able to find anything useful here and want to easily share it with others.  I hope you do…
  • Added a plugin to change the mobile experience, which works really well for iPhone users.  This – is really cool.  Thanks to @AndrewWoody for the heads up on this one – very slick for iPhone users to access the site.  WPTouch plugin.   
  • Adding another plugin to improve the experience for Windows Mobile users.  Thanks to @bsimser for raising the issue for WP7 users (since I’m not one yet) and @AndrewWoody again for ID’ing the fix – WPSuperCache plugin

And now, back to SharePoint…

SharePoint Lists – Follow up

A few things that were brought up in my session on lists the other day at the Best Practices Conference:

Inline Editing – SharePoint 2010 introduces the concept of inline editing within views.  This allows users to add/update fields within the view without having to open the add or edit forms.  This feature is not turned on by default.  Jennifer Mason of SharePoint 911 has a nice post about this feature. 

Alerts by View – We mentioned alerts and we mentioned views, but I didn’t have anything about the ability to create alerts on views.  Great comment from the session attendees on that one.  After looking at this again, I realized that this is NOT as intuitive as it should be.  You can create alerts on views, but not all views and there are some criteria for it.  Check out the following post for more information:

Metadata Navigation – Another attendee asked about metadata navigation.  I don’t remember all the context to the question, but metadata navigation is available, but only at the list view level.  It’s not something that can be used on the main page or other web part pages.  It does, however, work with which ever view is currently being displayed – which is what I think the question was about. 

Fun session.  We had 45+ people in (and outside) a room set up for 30.  Thanks to the folks that were packed in and spilling into the hallway.  Smile

Best Practices Conference 2011

We’re back for another Best Practices Conference – this time in La Jolla, CA (just North of San Diego).  This is the only domestic Best Practices conference this year as the Microsoft SharePoint Conference will be held this fall and is the primary event in the SharePoint community.  There is, however a UK version happening in a few weeks as well.   

If you’ve never heard of this conference, or don’t know what makes this one different from the myriad of other SharePoint conferences, user groups and SharePoint Saturdays out there – here’s what it is.  At the Best Practices Conference we focus on the WHY.  Most other conferences focus on the ‘what’ (features) and the ‘how do you do…’, which is fine – just different.  Here, we get to tell attendees what some of the best practices are regarding many aspects of SharePoint – and then describe WHY it is a best practice as opposed to all of the other options that are available. 

I’ve got three sessions this time around – two repeats from the fall 2010 event and one new session. 

Lists: Used, Abused and Underappreciated
Lists are used as the core of many things SharePoint but they are rarely used as well as they can be. Learn the top tips and tricks for getting the most of your lists: How to build them smarter, how to display them more clearly, and how to use them in your environment for effectively. Also see how these practices evolve from 2007 to 2010.

SharePoint: The Day After
You’ve deployed your farm, built your customizations and integrated your external systems… now what? How do you make sure your users are informed, educated, trained and supported? How do you measure success? How are you insuring the stability of the platform going forward? And why are answering these questions so important to your success.

SharePoint Implementation: When to Crawl, Walk or Run
Many of us have seen SharePoint 101 presentations describing features and functionality of SharePoint 2010. What we’re missing are the best practices and recommendations for what to implement and when. What are the benefits/risks of choosing to crawl first and then walk or run later? What effort is required to jump ahead and implement the utopia? This presentation will break down key functionality areas within SharePoint and outline the crawl, walk or run maturity models. Once you have an understanding of what it takes to implement and manage these models, you’ll be able to develop your platform strategy and make critical choices about where to focus your efforts.​

Now, if the sun would just come out for a little bit… 

SharePoint 2010: Six-in-One

In other fun and exciting news – I was invited to be a contributing author on a SharePoint 2010 book last year and the fruit of our labor was released a few weeks ago! 

We bring to you: SharePoint 2010: Six-in-One

I wrote Part I – Foundation and Overview.  If you want an overview of what SharePoint is, what versions are available, what to think about when considering and preparing to implement SharePoint and then some common places to start – check out these chapters:

  • Chapter 1 – SharePoint Overview
  • Chapter 2 – Planning for SharePoint
  • Chapter 3 – Getting Started with SharePoint

You can find it on at the links below.  I’m very excited that it is also offered on the Kindle – can’t wait to see how it looks in that format…

Paperback edition:

Kindle edition:

The authors include:

Enjoy – and let us know how we did! 

SharePoint MVP for 2011

OK, Ok… So it’s been a month already – but I’m still excited about it.  Smile  I’m part of the January 1st batch of MVPs and was blessed with a 3rd award this month.  Even more exciting was that a new batch of very deserving people were also added to the SharePoint MVP ranks this round – not to diminish previous awardees – I’m just getting to know more folks.  Smile  Some of them include:

A big thanks to the local Minnesota SharePoint community for letting me continue to be a part of it through the Minnesota SharePoint User Group (#MNSPUG) and SharePoint Saturday – Twin Cities (#SPSTC).  We’re looking forward to another fun and educational year. 

Congrats to all the new and renewed SharePoint MVPs in 2011 !!

Now, to get one or two more folks added… 

Microsoft SharePoint and Office 2010 Launch Events

Most folks know about the May12th Launch event that Microsoft will be streaming “Live from New York!”.  We’ll be carrying the event live at our monthly MNSPUG meeting which just happened to coincide with it.  We’ll also be having a panel discussion about SharePoint 2007 and 2010 beforehand…

What doesn’t seem to be getting as much press are the IT Pro and Developer events that are also happening around the country.  Check out the following link and dig in a bit: 

We’ll be having a local event in Minneapolis (Bloomington actually) on May 27th – so take a look at the agenda and see if you like to attend with us!