SharePoint Fest Chicago

I’ve got two sessions this week at SharePoint Fest Chicago.

PWR104 – Build a SharePoint Intake / Request List

PWR202 – Customizing Sites and Pages in SharePoint 2013

Slide decks for both will be up shortly. I need to make a few tweaks and updates to capture a few missing screenshots that were missing. Thank you for your patience.


  1. OK. I was meaning to upload the actual Chicago slide decks, but realized they’re almost verbatim of the DC session slides that can be found here:

    I do still owe you updated screenshots of the Request List site, which will come soon – I promise. 😛 I just keep updating it. They’ll show up in a post specifically about those sites here.

    Also, I’ll have an updated version of the Primer for Customization slide deck from SPS Chicago here shortly and a few follow up CSR scenario/example posts.

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