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SharePoint Conference 2011 (SPC11) Notes

A few weeks ago Microsoft held the official SharePoint Conference in Anaheim, CA.  If you are involved with the SharePoint community, you’ve likely seen and heard a lot about it already.  This conference wasn’t filled with sessions on features as much as the last conference, but had a lot of practical info on how organizations have been using and been successful with SharePoint in their organizations. 

The two items I was most excited about during the keynote were:

  1. There will be a SharePoint Conference 2012
    This one will likely coincide with content about SharePoint vNext.  Odds are good that we’ll be going back to the 2009 type of content that is more features, features, features about the new platform. 
    Set your calendar: November 12-15, 2012 in Las Vegas, NV
  2. BDC is coming to Office 365 and SharePoint Online – soon. 
    By soon they mean by the end of the year.  Those of us that have Office 365 accounts have already been notified that there will be system updates happening between Oct 20th and the end of November. 
    This is one of the really exciting things about Office 365, that we can (hopefully) expect more frequent updates to features…
    Now we need to see what the details of this are and how we can extend our SharePoint Online capabilities. 

So, a lot to look forward to. 

If you’re interested in following more SharePoint people on Twitter, Raymond put together a list of all SPC11 speakers, their web sites and Twitter handles if they were available.  

If I can find the time, I’ll do some follow-up on the three sessions I enjoyed:

  • SPC289  Visio Services – Creating No-code Visio Services Dashboards using Office 365 by Christopher Hopkins and Krishna Mamidipaka
  • SPC290 The City of SharePoint: What SharePoint Planners Can Learn From City Planning by Craig Roth (Gartner)
  • SPC393 Step-by-Step: Building Search-Driven Applications that Matter by Scot Hillier