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Minnesota SharePoint User Group

New SharePoint Blogger!

Lookout SharePoint world – Sarah Haase (locally of Best Buy fame) has entered the blogosphere.  Sarah has been a presenter at the Minnesota SharePoint User Group, SharePoint Saturday – Twin Cities and the Best Practices Conferences and always has great information, especially when it comes to measuring the ROI of SharePoint solutions. 

Well, she finally started up a blog here:

Go check it out!

Minnesota SharePoint User Group – February 2011

Raymond Mitchell and Brian Caauwe delivered a presentation on SharePoint Search at today’s MNSPUG.  If you’d like to learn more, check out the PPT deck HERE.  Check back soon to download the recording of the session.  We had about 90 attendees between folks in the room and joining us online.

March’s session will be on SharePoint workflows and Business Process.  Check back to the MNSPUG site for more information as session details are rolled out.

See you next month!

SharePoint 2010 – RTM

Microsoft announced today that SharePoint 2010 has reached RTM status.  Read about it on the SharePoint Team Blog – HERE

Sounds like the earliest availability for downloading bits will be on April 27th for Volume License and Software Assurance Customers. 

The official (virtual) launch will be on May 12th – which also happens to be our next MNSPUG meeting.  We’ll be streaming the launch live and working on adding some more fun as well – check the MNSPUG site for more information as we have it. 

Minnesota SharePoint User Group – March Meeting

This month’s MNSPUG will be covering Social Networking with SharePoint 2007 and 2010.  We’re also going to be having a Lunch and Learn session with BlueThread

Please join us on Wednesday, March 10, as we take a look at Social Networking with SharePoint 2007 and 2010. In this session we will cover the social networking features that were introduced in SharePoint 2007 and how the new features of SharePoint 2010 take social networking within an organization to the next level.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Core features for social networking in SharePoint 2007
  • New features in SharePoint 2010 for social networking
  • Extending SharePoint Social features


Sign up for the MNSPUG event or the Live Meeting:
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Sign up for the Lunch and Learn event:
Click to attend

Oh, and BlueThread will also be giving away a Dell Netbook!  🙂

See you there!

SharePoint Server MVP for 2010

2010 was welcomed in with a SharePoint Server Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award renewal message from Microsoft for the new year.  What a wonderful honor and great way to start the new year – this is my second year being awarded.  Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen. 

To be included with the SharePoint MVP community is really cool – everyone I’ve met has been incredibly gracious – eager to help and to share.  As with the greater SharePoint community, they are a community themselves – a lot more cohesive than some of the other MVP product groupings out there.  They are amazing technical resources and provide so much energy to the community at large, making the products we support and the people we work with so much better and more fun to work with.

2009 was an interesting year for the MVP community.  Maybe this happens every year and I wasn’t aware of it, but being a part of the MVP community this past year has made me more aware of it.  There were changes driven by the economy as well as conversation and criticism regarding who is awarded and how awardees are chosen – amongst other topics.  There are still plenty of things I’m not privy to, but I do know that regardless of who receives the MVP awards, there are a lot of people in the SharePoint community and other technical communities that are amazing contributors out there – people that love to learn and to share – people that will continue to advance our communities through their efforts – people that should be recognized and thanked.  Kudos go out to them as well.

A huge thanks goes out to the SharePoint community that I’ve been blessed to be a part of.  I hope we can continue to learn, share and grow in the coming year.  See you at the Minnesota SharePoint User Group (MNSPUG), other SharePoint user groups, SharePoint Saturdays, SharePoint Camps, conferences and other events online and in person. 

God Bless.

December 2009 MNSPUG – Recap

Well we had a little hiccup with this months meeting – between some double-booking of the room and enough snow to seriously impact travel efforts on Wednesday – but we still worked through it.  We didn’t have our usual on-site meeting, but all of our experience with Live Meetings this year and the ongoing support of Microsoft (Thank you Nick Stillings!) we did pull of a pretty successful online-ONLY meeting.  We peaked out a little over 100 folks visiting. 

Thank you everyone for your participation!

This month’s meeting was about SharePoint 2010 and Enterprise Content Management.  This broke down to the major areas of document management, records management and web content management.   

The slide deck is available now – the meeting recording will be available soon.  (I’ll update this post once it’s available)

SharePoint 2010 Overview Presentation

We had our first 2010 SharePoint Overview presentation today as part of the series of presentations we do at New Horizons Minnesota.  This is still early information, so keep in mind that the content in this deck will continue to evolve as we get closer to RTM and we keep refining the content and presentation.  I’ve posted the slide deck on the Minnesota SharePoint User Group site (MNSPUG) – HERE

Oh, and it sounds like ‘New Horizons’ is reverting back to ‘Benchmark Learning’ soon…  so links, etc will likely be changing. 

November MNSPUG – SharePoint 2010 Preview

November’s Minnesota SharePoint User Group meeting on Wednesday, November 11 will be a special, ALL DAY session!  This super-sized user group will be chock full of information on SharePoint 2010 as well as highlights from the SharePoint conference in Las Vegas. 

The first part of the day will be an overview of SharePoint 2010: A Walk Around the Wheel.  Stick around for lunch, and listen in on "Preparing for 2010: The Top Things to Do Now."

In the afternoon, we will be offering four different breakout sessions, each taking a deeper look into various aspects of SharePoint 2010. We’ll have 2 different "tracks," a Business Track and a Technical Track.  We will split the room in half and these breakout sessions will be going on simultaneously.

On top of this day full of new content, we’re going to have our first MNSPUG-associated "SharePint"!  Yes, after Raymond and I heard about all the other SPUGs out there and how critical the socializing/drinking component of their user groups are – we thought you’d want that opportunity too.  We’ve been missing out with our morning meetings.  🙂 So, this month we’ll be over at Major’s in Bloomington and will reserve some space, please come to socialize over a pint and hear more stories from Las Vegas!

We hope you can join us for at least part of if not the whole day! There will be lots of new information and demos, as well as time for Q&As. 

For more details on sessions, schedule and registration, see the MNSPUG site.