Office Professional Plus – via Office 365

Well, either I missed something earlier or they changed the offering.  Either way, this is pretty cool.  I was under the impression that you had to be a Plan E (Enterprise) customer of Office 365 to be able to purchase a subscription to the Office client applications.  That is NOT the case.  You can also purchase a subscription as a Plan P user. 

There is a few dollars per user per month difference, but the key difference is that Plan E users need to purchase an annual subscription while the Plan B (Small Business) users can do a monthly subscription.  Pretty cool. 

  • Plan E will pay $12/user/month – annual subscription
  • Plan P will pay $15/user/month – monthly subscription

These services also enable access to the Office Web Apps as well, so they can access the web versions of the applications without needing to load the client app, or if they are on another machine view and edit documents without the client apps at all. 

For more information, check out this page:

More good news for small business owners if you ask me. 

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