SharePoint ShopTalk – SharePoint Online (Office 365)

At last week’s SharePoint ShopTalk, the organizer asked me to do a quick overview of SharePoint Online and Office 365 – nothing too formal, just enough to start the conversation.  So, I jotted down some notes, which I threw in to PowerPoint for my own purposes… which evolved into uploading them to the ShopTalk Live Meeting and was then asked to make them available – so I dropped them on SlideShare. 

Now, a few days later they’ve had over 350 views.  I even got a note from Slideshare on Friday that it was ‘trending’ on LinkedIn, so they put a link on the SlideShare homepage.  Neat. 

Kind of cool, though not as crazy as Spence’s Pod Show that had over 500 viewings in the first HOUR.

The recording of the ShopTalk session is now available HERE.  Keep in mind, this isn’t something we did a lot of preparation for, so I’m kind of rambling.  Hopefully someone might find it useful.  Smile 

If you’re interested in SharePoint Online and Office 365, check back as I should have a case study for small business posted soon. 

Enjoy the launch tomorrow! 

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