SharePoint Saturday St. Louis

This past weekend (4/30) was the SharePoint Saturday event in St. Louis.  The folks in charge did a wonderful job organizing and bringing in attendees.  We had a beautiful day in St. Louis.  While great weather usually translates into lower attendance, we still had over 170 folks signed in.  Campus was beautiful and the logistics were well organized.  Thanks to all the organizers, which included, but were not limited to: Matt Bremer (@mattbremer), Becky Bertram (@BeckyBertram), JD Wade (@JDWade) and others.

I delivered my SharePoint Lists: Used, Abused and Underappreciated session.  It’s a 100 level session talking about list best practices and constructed around the Best Practices Conference approach. 

Next stop will hopefully be the Chicago SharePoint Saturday event on June 11, though I’ll also be in attendance at the Minnesota SharePoint User Group meetings between now and then. 

Great job guys!  Thanks for the invite and hospitality!

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