Cool Posts and Links 9/6

OK.  I run across a lot of pages and links that I think are useful via friends and associates, my own random searches, Twitter, facebook, etc…  They usually just sit there in a browser window or tab until I’m supposed to be doing something else and need a distraction (like now) or I actually read them or decide to store them somewhere.  Well now I’m going to collect them from time to time and just post them.  That way I can go back and find them and maybe other people will actually benefit from all this good content that other people are sharing as well.   

Dux is a great SharePoint resource and recently presented a few sessions at the Best Practices Conference in DC.  Here’s one of the posts related to them:
How to Best Gather Requirements for SharePoint Projects

Also from the Best Practices Conference, Veronique Palmer put together a nice wrap up of the conference.

Just something entertaining:
Top 10 annoying things to say to a SharePoint Solution Architect

Another interesting post:
Ten Reasons You Should Use SharePoint

This isn’t the Microsoft official steps yet, but still interesting:
Claims Authentication against Windows Live ID for SharePoint 2010

LEGO – Yep, LEGO and the power of the social web

The PowerShell Code Repository
PowerShell for SharePoint 2010 reference pages

The SharePoint User’s Toolkit

Why you MUST document your SharePoint farm configuration

The Economic Impact of SharePoint 2010 is a summary of a Forrester report on SharePoint that can be found here:
The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 

Along similar lines, another Forrester report:
The Total Economic Impact Of Implementing Microsoft’s Productivity Platform

Another white paper that I came across while looking for the Forrester reports above:
Introducing Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010

I’ve been using the Microsoft Arc Mouse for a while now and love it.  Now they’ve got a new Arc Touch Mouse on the way. 

HP Sizer tools for Microsoft SharePoint

Updates on the Fab 40 Templates:
SharePoint 2010 Products: Upgrade and the Fabulous 40 Application Templates

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